Did Jesus rise from the dead?

“Yes, after all…
  • Jesus's body went missing
  • People/groups insisted “He visited us!”
  • “No, after all…
  • Dead people always stay dead

      Humans who die always naturally stay dead.

      We can discuss 2 reasons to agree:
      We see an unbroken trend of humans staying dead.1
      • Natural mass cell revival is wildly improbable (violating entropy).2

      This is relevant because Jesus is a human who died. So, “A consistent modern view must say farewell to the resurrection of Jesus as a historical event.”1

      But so what? Plausibly,…
      • …God exists and had special reason to resurrect Jesus miraculously (i.e. non-naturally).1

      1. Jesus stands out (in history, character, etc.) as a chosen representative of God might. While God may have little reason to raise most individuals spontaneously in the middle of human history, He might nevertheless have reason to raise Jesus―to vindicate Jesus and his message. See Oxford philosopher Richard Swinburne's The Resurrection of God Incarnate (Oxford, 2003). He covers this question in depth and concludes that becoming incarnate and resurrecting is a kind of thing God might plausibly do if God existed.
      2. By way of response, however, the hypothesis is not that Jesus rose naturally from the dead. That, all parties agree, is absurd.
      3. Gerd Lüdemann, What Really Happened to Jesus (John Knox, 1995), 130.
  • Jesus had not died on the cross
  • Jesus was resurrected by aliens
  • Jesus never existed
  • “God did-it” is not an explanation