Does God exist? If so, did he raise Jesus from death in vindication of Jesus's all-important message?1 BeliefMap is an advanced debate simulator for exploring these questions and everything in between. The menu procedurally branches out academic points and counter-points in a fun interactive way that actually simulates dialogue between green (the affirmative Christian view) and red (the objector's). In addition to over 1,000 academic citations, there is a growing catalogue of over 1,000 forking back-and-forth responses to explore.

  1. Jesus's message is this: We are all guilty of sin (lying, stealing, lusting etc.) and, in virtue of His holiness, God's wrathful final destruction of evil and evildoers is coming soon. There is only one way to be saved from it: you must throw yourself at the mercy of God, and freely accept Jesus's cleansing of you and transformation of you into a sinless person for heavenly living. All else will be destroyed.