“No God would allow suffering like this”

Consider how much suffering there is in the world. If a truly good God exists, wouldn’t he have ensured there be a lot less or none at all? ![](/uploads/god-evil-suffering.jpg) Did you know that according to Barna Research, this is the greatest obstacle to faith for Millennials and Generation Z? (See chart below.) Read More

Studies on intercessory prayer (where God makes no difference)

Someone asked, "[person x] pointed out the study that patients who know they’re being prayed for have less of a chance to be healed. That’s what I would expect if God didn’t exist. How do you address the problem of unanswered prayers?” I responded: a) My personal suspicion is that God normally does not answer pray Read More

Debate: Blake Giunta vs. Dan Barker

I was invited to face-off publicly against Dan Barker in a Paltalk room. Dan is a prominent speaker and debater for atheism, often accompanying Richard Dawkins and the like at various events (see him speak at Oxford here). The exchange lasted for 20 minutes. Read More

Show Friends in 1 Minute that Jesus Rose (Video)

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Newsletter: Radio Debate on God's Hiddenness

[Note: This is a newsletter addressed to BeliefMap's financial partners.] Hey friends,  Guess what we did? Once again, we helped thousands of people move closer to boldness and faith in Christ, and we equipped them to help others do the same.  Read More

Matt Dillahunty and Blake talk Methodological Naturalism

On August 6, Matt Dillahunty and I had a debate in Dallas on whether Jesus rose from the dead. It was a fun exchange, and Matt invited me after to visit him in Austin for us to record a post-debate review. W Read More

Is Horus like a Jesus-prototype?

There are far too many websites and YouTube videos on the internet advocating the belief that Jesus did not exist, but was in fact borrowed from some pre-existing deities. The Zeitgeist YouTube video alone has already been viewed over 3 million times, and it argues that Jesus was borrowed from the Egyptian falcon-headed deity named Horu Read More

Five Reasons God Allows Atheism

After several months of researching and organizing information, I'm excited to announce the launch of BeliefMap's new section on the problem of divine hiddenness. This is specifically supposed to be a problem with belief in God's existence, and goes like this: If a perfectly loving God e Read More