Debate: Blake Giunta vs. Dan Barker

What kind of thing is God?

I was invited to face-off publicly against Dan Barker in a Paltalk room. Dan is a prominent speaker and debater for atheism, often accompanying Richard Dawkins and the like at various events (see him speak at Oxford here). The exchange lasted for 20 minutes.

You can listen to the whole thing here:

<br/>Details: Dan had been invited to speak to a Paltalk group of 100+ members, largely atheists, and I was invited to interact with him for the final segment. I did NOT think it was recorded, but to my pleasant surprise an audio of the debate turned up! This was very exciting because in that 20 minutes, we discussed what is becoming an increasingly popular argument used by New Atheists (“You can’t tell me what KIND of thing God is!”). One reason the discussion is exciting is because, at about 8 minutes in, I think everyone could see Dan himself being forced to deal with the philosophical consequences of his argument, and backtrack in some rather shocking ways.