Newsletter: Radio Debate on God's Hiddenness

[Note: This is a newsletter addressed to BeliefMap's financial partners.]

Hey friends, 

Guess what we did? Once again, we helped thousands of people move closer to boldness and faith in Christ, and we equipped them to help others do the same. 


<br/>Do you know the Unbelievable show on Premier Christian Radio? Tens of thousands will listen to these recordings. On the latest show some great things were said about this ministry! We’re a small team but we’re doing big things. I was invited to debate a prominent atheist (Justin Schieber) on a topic you funded last year: divine hiddenness, and I think the Christian position came off very strongly. Listen for yourself.


The host commented that, “people are saying you’re really showing amazing things in terms of your ability to interact with atheists…” Hearing this reminded me of our goal as stated on the BeliefMap intro page: “The goal is for even non-believers to use BeliefMap as their go-to source for the most compelling and accessible arguments for their side. That's a high standard, but it's one way we can bring glory to God: showing that the Christian worldview is up to the challenge.”

In fact, on air, the atheist also endorsed this ministry tool, saying, “And I would actually further provide endorsement for; I think that it’s an excellent resource for both theists and atheists to look at some of the contemporary discussion in the literature. And so, I’m a huge fan of his website, and I’m excited to see where he goes with it.”

Needless to say, I have gotten many messages from believers and non-believers. I spent a chunk of time this morning writing out a long explanation of the gospel to one person who was trying to make sense of how Jesus can be the only way to God. Thank you for allowing me to serve God in this powerful way!


So what’s in store now? You’ve heard me talk about the need for fundraising before, and development of my fundraising presentation. However, this past week is the first time I’ve actually been sitting down in person with prospective donors to finally give it, telling them about BeliefMap, the way God is using this ministry to Evangelize the lost, Encourage doubting believers, and Equip Christian apologists. March is shaping up to be very busy with similar appointments, and I would cherish prayers. When this ministry goes full-time I feel like I'll really be able put research and publishing into overdrive. God willing, BeliefMap will finally be a fully funded full-time ministry within a few months.

Let me add that, if you’d like to be re-energized about this ministry, and especially if we haven’t spoken in person in a while, request an appointment so I can share this presentation with you and (ideally) introduce you to my wife. It will re-energize and remind you of the impact you're having, as well as solidify our connection and provide a strong vision for the future. Also let me know if you have any friends or family that I should talk with. Where else can $100/mo donations fund 5% of a ministry this influential? Lots of donors are looking for a low-cost ministry like this that maximizes their giving, and I think we have something powerful to share with them.

Your fellow servant in Christ,