What is so great about BeliefMap?

It serves as an apologetics hotline

Imagine equipping everyone in the world with a virtual pocket-apologist--an artificial intelligence which can present for you customized evidences supporting Christianity and offer instant scholarly answers to complex questions.

BeliefMap is a novel apologetics debate encyclopedia which branches out points and counter-points in a way that simulates dialogue. This makes answer-seeking easy, fun, and fast enough on smart phones to be used in real-time apologetics discussions. (Wait, what is apologetics?)

It is scholarly and reliable

Apologetics is in large part about persuading non-believers. As a result, impressing and winning the respect of those who disagree with us is vital. Unfortunately, in an effort to reach more laymen, apologetics ministries can tend to lack sophistication. By contrast, BeliefMap Apologetics puts in the hard work to regularly support its claims with quotes from respected peer-reviewed books and journal articles, and to present opposing views in their most compelling form. The goal is for even non-believers to use BeliefMap as their go-to source for the most compelling and accessible arguments for their side. That's a high standard, but it's one way we can bring glory to God: showing that the Christian worldview is up to the challenge.

  • In a nutshell: A lot of time and love is put in to each article written here. This is a resource evangelists can trust and can be proud to direct their non-believing friends to.

It provides a deeply customizable experience

When presenting complex information, rigor normally comes at the cost of accessibility. However, as a sort of footnote-crazy flowchart on steroids, BeliefMap is poised to circumvent this. It provides a highly customizable experience that allows users to choose their level of depth; they can climb this tree as high as they want, or as little as they need to quickly get their answer. With respect to its accessibility and depth, it resembles a more reliable version of Wikipedia.

  • In a nutshell: BeliefMap is useful for both dedicated researchers and for truth-seekers that just want to get the answer and get out as quickly as possible.

It is an ideal way to learn the debate

BeliefMap is a uniquely fruitful way to research. Unlike when reading a book or long article, virtually everything you read at Beliefmap you recently and explicitly chose to read; it feels more like exploring. This supercharges retention rates and keeps students engaged. Additionally, an ever-present Treeview menu on the left keeps readers aware of exactly how they got to the sub-question they are exploring; it reminds them how what they are reading is relevant to their grand inquiry. Looking at this feature from another perspective, we see that sending a friend to BeliefMap is not at all like rudely telling them to read some long article or book to get their answer. In keeping with the first point, it is more like, “Let me get apologist xyz on the phone“, and as the site gains sophistication, it will become more and more like having a direct link with respected apologists.

  • In a nutshell: BeliefMap is an effective learning toy and resource that both you and your non-believing friends will appreciate.