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BELIEFMAP APOLOGETICS MINISTRY aims to build a growing online “pocket-apologist,” instantly arming Christian users to function as expert case-makers (apologists) in conversation. We also aim to facilitate research for answer-seekers, and to produce an academic monument which establishes and advertises that Christianity is intellectually distinguished so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be rationally dismissed or ignored. In addition to helping create new believers, we aim to get more Christ-followers excitedly and proudly talking about Christian beliefs, God's love, and the good news of Jesus Christ.

People everywhere are suffering and struggling with doubt, and many Christians are trying to help. Whether seeking or helping, the internet is the go-to place to find answers in this age. Is there a God? Is Jesus who He claimed to be? Is only Christianity true? God wants to cooperate with you—His Church—to work together with Him to expand His kingdom, and if you've been praying or looking for more opportunities to get involved with the Great Commission Jesus called you to, then financially supporting this small ($3,000/mo) high-impact ministry might fit you perfectly.

How important is it to support apologetics?
According to Pew Research, religiosity in America is declining about 1% a year. America is on its way to becoming as secular as Europe, where only half believe in God, and about 8% are Christian. Think about it: unless you help engage in fighting this trend, even the ministries you care most about are on their way, in the next few decades, to receiving the same amount of financial support from America that Europe gives them currently: not much. How do you fight it? According to Barna Research, here are four of these six main reasons for the youth exodus. Notice how directly related they are to apologetics and Christianity's intellectual reputation: Christianity is seen as... (1) anti-scientific, (2) hostile to doubt, (3) unable to defend it's views on ethics (sexuality), (4) unable to defend its claim that Jesus is the only way. There's also a need for apologetics because we're commanded by God to defend the faith, serving brothers and sisters in Christ and others.

What is BeliefMap's financial goal?
My name is Blake Giunta, and following the early Christians and apostles I take this need to defend Christianity very seriously. The heart can't follow what the mind rejects. I've dedicated most of the past 10 years of my life volunteering one way or another for it. I'm working to acquire $3,000 a month to bring BeliefMap into full-time development, and to support my wife and I in doing it. It will be empowering students, laymen, scholars, missionaries, and pastors for free all around the world, with their very own pocket-apologist.

Is BeliefMap high quality?
BeliefMap's quality and impact are already widely recognized. In fact, Ratio Christi has invited BeliefMap to be their official apologetics encyclopedia to help train their almost 200 apologetics campus groups (students and leaders). As this renowned Biola University apologetics professor wrote to his 50,000 Twitter followers,
wallace testimony

Benefits of supporting BeliefMap
Supporting a small high-impact ministry has great benefits. I contact and know the names of every donor, like any missionary, and try to involve my team in deciding what gets developed. You can really feel like a part of it. Also, with such a small need, I’d overflow with gratitude for any gifts. $100/mo gifts are huge, but even $5/mo genuinely makes an impact. Moreover, you would get to feel more directly connected with the testimonies like those shared below. If you'd like me to convince you personally of BeliefMap's value, feel free to e-mail me ([email protected]), and we can schedule sit-down or Skype presentation I can go through with you. I'd love to talk. If you know someone who might like to be a donor, please share this page with them! You can give a tax-deductable donation through the simple form at the bottom. Lot's of prayers have gone into this, and if you have a moment consider praying along side me for the success of this fund raising and for BeliefMap in general. Thanks for reading!


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