Did Paul teach that Jesus was God?

“Yes, after all…
  • Paul’s letters explicitly say Jesus is God

      In his letters, Paul writes rather blatantly that Jesus is God in some sense. Right? After all, he says so in…
      • …Rom 9:5 — “Christ, who is God”
      • …Phil 2 — “in the form of God”
      • …2 Pet 1:1 — “Our God and savior, Jesus”
      • …Titus 2:13 — “Our God and savior, Jesus”

  • Paul’s letters overtly imply Jesus is God

  • Paul's churches believed Jesus was God

      The various Greek churches that Paul planted and/or pastored believed that Jesus was Good. • Paul’s letters assume they believe it.
      • The authorities behind Paul's churches taught it.

  • The Jerusalem church believed Jesus was God

      The church lead by the apostles in Jerusalem publicly maintained that Jesus was God. • …they designated Jesus as κύριος in the YHWH-sense.
      • …they taught prayer to Jesus.
      • …Peter did

  • Paul believed Jesus was God

      Paul genuinely believed that Jesus was God incarnate (YHWH). This article discusses this evidence:
      Paul prayed to Jesus
      This is relevant because, if Paul believed Jesus was God, we can be sure he taught it.