Did Paul teach that Jesus was God?

  • Clarifying the question

    Paul was a devout Torah-cenetered Jew, believing in one all-powerful God. (His devotion is partly why Paul persecuted Christians.) When Paul finally converted to Christianity, did he come to believe that Jesus was God, incarnated as a human? Did he attribute to Jesus God's divinity in some sense?

“Yes, after all…
  • Paul’s letters explicitly say Jesus is God

    In his letters, Paul writes rather blatantly that Jesus is God in some sense.

    After all, he says so in…

    • Romans 9:5 — “Christ, who is God”
    • Philippians 2 — “in the form of God”
    • 2 Peter 1:1 — “Our God and savior, Jesus”
    • Titus 2:13 — “Our God and savior, Jesus”
  • Paul's churches believed Jesus was God

    The various Greek churches that Paul planted and/or pastored believed that Jesus was Good.

    • Paul’s letters assume they believe it.
    • The authorities behind Paul's churches taught it.
  • The Jerusalem church believed Jesus was God

    A group of men bow before Jesus on the cross. The outline of Israel is in the background.

    The church lead by the apostles in Jerusalem publicly maintained that Jesus was God.

    • …they designated Jesus as κύριος in the YHWH-sense.
    • …they taught prayer to Jesus.
    • …Peter did
  • Paul believed Jesus was God

    A man bows down before a thought bubble that has Jesus inside, who is in turn holding up the planet earth.

    Paul genuinely believed that Jesus was God incarnate (YHWH).

    This page discusses this evidence:

    This helps answer our question because, if Paul believed Jesus was God then he almost certainly taught it.