Did Paul believe Jesus was God?

“Yes, after all…
  • Paul taught Jesus is God

      As a Christian, Paul taught that Jesus was God incarnate, sharing in YHWH's divine nature.

      This article analyzes 6 evidences,...
      • …Paul’s letters …
        • …explicitly say Jesus is God. E.g …
          • …Rom 9:5 — “Christ, who is God”
          • …Phil 2 — “in the form of God”
          • …2 Pet 1:1 — “Our God and savior, Jesus”
          • …Titus 2:13 — “Our God and savior, Jesus”
        • …overtly imply Jesus is God (via property ascription),
          • …E.g., applying God’s “Lord” (YHWH) designation to Jesus.
          • …E.g., teaching traditional prayers to Jesus (to use).

      This is relevant because Paul taught what he believed to be true.

  • Paul prayed to Jesus

      As a Christian, did Paul approach Jesus in prayer, speaking to Jesus and petitioning him as if God.

      This article analyzes six evidences,...
      • …Example: In 2 Cor 12:8-9, Paul casually writes how he prayed to Jesus.
      • …Paul relayed prayers to Jesus (teaching others to).
      • …Paul taught Christians to pray to Jesus.
      • …Jesus taught Christians to pray to him.
      • …Paul’s churches prayed to Jesus.
      • …the Jerusalem church prayed to Jesus.

      This is relevant because Paul aimed to pray to God only.

      1. After all, Paul was a Torah-observant Jew, and as a Christian regarded the Old Testament as scripture. This is relevant because the Old Testament very clearly teaches that we are to worship God (Yahweh) alone.
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