Did Paul believe Jesus appeared to him as a non-physical vision/light?

“Yes, after all…
  • Paul: “Jesus physically appeared to me”

  • A non-physical vision wouldn't persuade

      If Paul only had a vision (hallucination?) on the road to Damascus, it is improbable that it would have resulted in Paul's converting. • Ancients knew about hallucinations.

      But no…
      • Paul couldn't tell the difference.

  • “No, after all…
  • Optasia (e.g. Acts 26 “vision”) isn’t physical

      The Greek “optasia” philologically denotes a denotes a non-physical experience. (See full article here.) This is relevant because Acts 26:19 reports Paul saying “I did not prove obedient to the heavenly vision [optasia]” and the “heavenly vision” was Jesus himself (or the nature of his appearance).

      But no,
      “Optasia” is usually physical.

      So what? Plausibly…
      • The vision is not of Jesus, but of Paul’s mission. [Forthcoming]

  • 2 Cor 4:6 (“shone in hearts”)= the appearance

  • Acts: “Jesus appeared as a shapeless light”

  • Paul ”I felt him appear in me”