About Blake Giunta

Blake Giunta is founder of BeliefMap.org, an advanced debate simulator for exploring the question of God’s existence and Jesus’s resurrection. As an enthusiast, he has been studying these debates and cataloguing the academic responses and counter-responses for almost 15 years to evangelize and aid the public in navigating their way to belief in Jesus. He has helped teach at churches, university campuses, and apologetics conferences. He has also appeared on the UK's Premier Christian Radio, five times on Dogma Debate radio, has been a guest on several podcasts, and has engaged in formal debates with atheists on these topics as well to defend the central truth-claims of the Christian faith.

Blake is married to his ridiculously hot wife (truth!) and ministry partner, and his hobbies—aside from researching—include defeating Ganon and other poor souls who go up against him in ping pong, Super Smash Bros., or Connect Four.

Transitioning to the first person here, I think BeliefMap is a vision God planted in me during my online evangelism as a teenager, and anyone who knows me knows it is one I've sacrificed a lot for and intend to give my all to. My constant prayer with my wife is for us to remember our purpose in life here: to love God and glorify Him over and against the constant replacements the world tries to offer us instead.

You can contact me here: [email protected] You can learn about supporting our work here.