Is a beginningless model of spacetime true?

“No, after all…
  • Physical reality began to exist

    man with action clipboard beginning the universe

    Physical reality (all spacetime) began to exist.

    This page analyzes six evidences,…

    • [Big Bang] [Gravity equations yield a past-bound singularity](/universe/begin#singularity).
    • [G.Relativity] [General Relativity's singularity model is true](/universe/begin#relativity-big-bang).
    • [BGV theorem] [Any average-expanding space has a beginning](/universe/begin#bgv).
    • [2nd Law] [Total entropic decay has not arrived yet](/universe/begin#entropy).
    • [General 2nd Law] [Total generalized entropy is not maxed](/universe/begin#generalized-entropy).
    • [Philosophy] [Logically, prior events cannot number to infinity](/universe/begin#finite-events).

    This is relevant because if physical reality began to exist, then no beginningless model is true.

“Yes, after all…