Did the AD 30 Jerusalem church accurately represent what the relevantly involved witnesses of Jesus were saying?

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    The 1st church founded by the apostles in Jerusalem (AD 30) preached on Jesus. What they said about him—his life, ministry, teachings—fit within the general pool of things disciples and general witnesses of Jesus’ life in were saying. So rather than needing to invent Jesus biography and sayings, they simply drew on what the apostles etc. had actually heard and seen. So the 1st church’s preaching did not misrepresent the relevant witnesses. In recounting historical events, they flowed from and with what they perceived to be eyewitness testimony.

“Yes, after all…
  • 1st church rejected Jesus-bio not vetted by witnesses

    The Jerusalem church strive to reject Jesus-bio not approved (vetted) by involved witnesses.

    A full page will debates 5 arguments:

    • In AD 30, 1st church strove to adopt only witnesses' Jesus-bio.
    • Christians strove to protect true Jesus-bio.
    • 1st church was the nexus of witness knowledge.

    This is relevant IF the Jerusalem church was continually circulating the message that Jesus appeared to various persons.

    But so what? Plausibly...

    • The Jerusalem church wasn't saying Jesus appeared to witnesses. (forthcoming)