Big Bang Theory: Does general relativity accurately model space's birth-growth?

“Yes, after all…
  • General relativity makes very accurate predictions

      General relativity is precisely accurate in everything it models. See four examples:

      • …gravitational waves from black holes merging.
      • …the rate change of Mercury's orbital ellipse orientation.
      • …the bending of light in gravitational fields.
      • …The universe’s general expansion (from a hot-dense phase)
      This is relevant because the radical and highly precise things general relativity predicts seems so improbable that “chance” is a bad explanation for the theory’s success.

      So? Plausibly…
      •…GR’s success is limited in scope.1

  • Space expanded from a hot dense state
  • “No, after all…
  • General relativity won't work at quantum sizes

      General relativity does not apply in quantum-sized settings. This is relevant because the size at which singularities are predicted and modeled by general relativity is less than the Planck length (i.e. quantum size).

      Response forthcoming