Introduction & Goals

I have been looking to set up some “home base” where I can build and interact with a community of fellow apologists on issues pertinent to defending the faith. After surveying the options, I've settled on blogging.

My name is Blake Giunta, and I will introduce myself more in a second. The goal here will be to create an apologetics environment with some buzz where fellow enthusiasts can check back regularly, expecting fresh new content. Blogs that don't make frequent posts usually fizzle out, so I'm hoping to post regularly.

It is worth noting that treesearch.org/blog here is in part going to be a testing grounds for ideas and a teaser for some of my more academic-level work which will be posted in article form on the main section of Treesearch.org, as well as a book eventually—hopefully. So, feedback is very welcome, and what you say can have a direct impact on what gets published elsewhere. Needless to say, there will be ground rules for commenting, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Me and my testimony

I will put up a bio soon, but to introduce myself, I wanted to talk about what sparked my interested in apologetics. Answer: It was apologetics! That's right. All it took was seeing an apologist give a presentation at a church one day and I was hooked. I went from being a Christian who thought he was no better off than the muslim next door, to a Christian who thought he actually had the truth and that other people needed to know this truth. Today, the arguments that were given by that particular apologist strike me as less than persuasive, but it kick-started my investigation. It was a whole new world. I visited carm.org (the Christian Apologetics and Resurrection Ministry) where I am pretty sure I spent the entirety of that week, and that lead to my getting involved in the CARM chatroom on nearly a daily basis. Over the course of 10 years, I became the person asking the questions to the person who everyone in the room was asking questions.

That said, I am very introverted, and up until recently, I have only really worked behind the scenes. I have had the privilege of being able help students as well as apologists (some rather prominent) around the world in preparing for their debates, but only occasionally have I been invited to speak on apologetics topics—normally Jesus's resurrection. I'll probably look to doing more of that soon, as I'm realizing I need to advertise myself more if I want to ever make a career out of this. Recently, I was invited to do a public back-and-forth with prominent atheist Dan Barker (Wiki) on God's existence (listen here), and last week I appeared on Dogma Debate radio to discuss the truth of Christianity (listen here). I will probably blog on that experience soon, as well as the public encounter with rising new atheist Peter Boghossian (Wiki) that lead up to it.

If you have a moment, please introduce yourself. What sparked your interest in apologetics? Did you hear an apologist speak? Did you stumble across it on the internet when looking to get a question answered? Were you given an apologetics book? What's your story?