3 ways philosophy helps understanding God


So I just had a delightful time discussing God's properties with the Reasonable Faith group at the University of Texas at Dallas. The discussion was on thinking philosophically about God's properties, although we only got to a couple of them. After saying something about my own journey has an apologist who was originally antagonistic towards philosophy, we had time to cover these questions:

(a) God's substance: Before analyzing God's traditional properties; what is God?

(b) The Trinity: 1. Jesus is God. 2. God is the Trinity. 3. Therefore, Jesus is the Trinity? Uh oh!

(c) The good: Is it good because God says, or does God say it is good because it already is? What if I told you there were two Euthyphro's delimmas, one for “the good” and another for “the right,” and perhaps the best answer to this question (e.g. the answer endorsed by Craig) is more complicated than what most apologists give? What does it mean to say “God is good?”

Listen free here.

Understanding good to be the property of resembling God has always been a delightful insight for me, and has had a positive impact on my prayer life. What do you think about it? Are there any questions about God's goodness or the Trinity that you would have liked to see an answer to?