Is Horus like a Jesus-prototype?

There are far too many websites and YouTube videos on the internet advocating the belief that Jesus did not exist, but was in fact borrowed from some pre-existing deities. The Zeitgeist YouTube video alone has already been viewed over 3 million times, and it argues that Jesus was borrowed from the Egyptian falcon-headed deity named Horus. Allegedly, they had the same titles as Jesus (like Christ, Lamb of God etc.), the same conception details (like being born of a virgin on December 25 in a stable), the same baptism, the same number of disciples, and the same story of death and resurrection.

Whether or not Jesus actually was copied from Horus, does Jesus at least seem like a copy of Horus, at least in parts? Do they have compelling similarities?

If you're interested in this question, I'm excited to announce a new section of BeliefMap, a section that currently stands as the most detailed critique of the alleged parallels shared by Jesus and Horus in print or online:

Is Jesus like a copy of Horus?