Giunta vs. Galpin (audio) - Jesus appeared to the 12?

Alright, I framed this as a debate to make it sound more exciting (“Blake Giunta vs. Nathanael Galpin”), but really this was a great conversation I had last Sunday with an ideal dialogue partner. We covered a lot. Nathaniel's voice is the first.

Listen free here.

The discussion naturally evolved into informed conversations about…

a. …whether the 1 Cor 15 creed is an interpolation.

b. …whether the earliest Christians were largely “on the same team” (circulating the same information) and ultimately whether the 1 Cor 15 creed was being affirmed by the apostles.
c. …whether “[Jesus] appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve” in 1 Cor 15 could refer to a dream or some other phenomena that does not resemble a genuine resurrection appearance.