Giunta vs. Smith: “Atheistically Speaking” podcast

Following my first appearance on the Dogma Debate show with David Smalley, Thomas Smith contacted me about appearing on his podcast, Atheistically Speaking, to discuss some of the ideas that were brought up. The podcast has over 5,000 Facebook likes. Our discussion was just published today.

Listen free here.

It was an honor to be on, especially when someone as prominent as atheist philosopher of science Massimo Pigliucci was on the episode just before. Anyways, Thomas is as friendly as they come, so we had an excellent conversation about the first point I brought up on Dogma Debate and we're planning on doing another podcast to talk about more. Our discussion covered these topics:

• Commentary on the Dogma Debate episode I was on.

• The question of how seriously theism should be taken, starting out. In other words, prior to consider the evidence for both sides, which of these existence claims, in terms of their initial credibility, most resembles the claim that “God exists”?:

A. An invisible unicorn exists. (i.e. Reject it in the absence of evidence) B. A particle smaller than a quark exists. (i. Be agnostic about it in the absence of evidence and counter-evidence) C. An external world outside my mind exists. (i.e. Accept it in the absence of counter-evidence)

Question: After listening, do you think an existence claim like “God exists” best resembles A, B, or C? Why do you think that?