Biblically, did God tell humanity that ultimate death is just for sinners (the sinless won’t stay dead)

“Yes, after all…
  • In Genesis, sin ↔ death

      In the book of Genesis, it is implied that Adam (and those after him) faced ultimate/permanent death if and only if they transgressed one or more of God's commandments (i.e. sinned). After all...
      • In Genesis, we read of Adam and Eve initially being created by God in a paradise—“the garden of Eden.” They were given an opportunity to sin, in disobeying God’s command to “not eat” of a particular fruit tree (for in doing so, they would intimately know sin/guilt), and Gen 2:17 — “in the day [Heb. “Yom”; i.e. time-period] that you eat from it you will surely die.”

  • OT prophets: "God will raise up the righteous"

  • Jesus: “death won’t hold the sinless, just sinners”

  • Biblically, it’s what God WOULD do/say

      Biblically, God would uniquely raise the sinless (i.e. ultimately destroy the wicked and preserve the righteous). • Examples make this clear.
      • The Bible says: God wants the righteous to live forever.
      • Psalm 97:10 — “He preserves Godly.”
      • Ps 145:20 — “He keeps [us] & destroys wicked.”
      This is relevant because the biblical report is reliable here.