Biblically, did God tell humanity that ultimate death is just for sinners (the sinless won’t stay dead)

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    Out of a book with a cross for its cover is a speech bubble with two halves: one half is a skull with a snake coming out of it, while the other half is a head with a halo over it.

    Biblically, did God promise to humanity that the sinless won’t stay dead, and that God intends for those who are perfectly righteous to live forever?

“Yes, after all…
  • In Genesis, death comes from sin and only sin

    In the book of Genesis, it is implied that Adam (and those after him) faced ultimate/permanent death if and only if they transgressed one or more of God's commandments (i.e. sinned).

    After all...

    • In Genesis, we read of Adam and Eve initially being created by God in a paradise—“the garden of Eden.” They were given an opportunity to sin, in disobeying God’s command to “not eat” of a particular fruit tree (for in doing so, they would intimately know sin/guilt), and Gen 2:17 — “in the day [Heb. “Yom”; i.e. time-period] that you eat from it you will surely die.”
  • Biblically, it’s what God WOULD do/say

    Biblically, God would uniquely raise the sinless (i.e. ultimately destroy the wicked and preserve the righteous).

    • Examples make this clear.
    • The Bible says: God wants the righteous to live forever.
    • Psalm 97:10 — “He preserves Godly.”
    • Ps 145:20 — “He keeps [us] & destroys wicked.”

    This is relevant because the biblical report is reliable here.