How you can help

God wants to use you to expand His kingdom, and if you've been praying or looking for more opportunities to participate in that calling, this might be what you're looking for.

You've seen what makes BeliefMap so exciting, so if you've been looking for more ways to strategically participate in that Great Commision Christ has called you to, there are several ways below you can help right here. Please feel free to contact me at blake[@beliefmap.]org (Remove Brackets)

Social Media Sharing: Believe it or not, “liking” BeliefMap (and specific BeliefMap articles), as well as and sharing BeliefMap and its articles all helps BeliefMap rise up on Google Search results. This means more people can come across the content, which is important and feeds into everything else! Even one share makes a difference. BeliefMap on Facebook
BeliefMap on Twitter

Getting Links to BeliefMap: Links from other sites to BeliefMap are one of the best ways to help us appear higher in Google search results; it tells the Google algorithm that BeliefMap is credible. If you know someone with a relevant website or have your own, would you ask them to consider adding a link to BeliefMap? Both links to the website as a whole and links to specific articles are tremendously helpful!

Proofreading: I am sure I make several mistakes in writing. I have proofreaders looking around, but imperfections remain all over the site. If you can find errors, or even think of better ways to word things, proofreading is an excellent way to participate.
Art & Media: I also know some people out there are incredibly talented artists, animators and everything in between. If you have suggestions here on improving BeliefMap anywhere stylistically, I would love to hear them and get you involved. For artists, if you can help make sillhouettes or think of good ones, I would love to collaborate with you there. If you know how to edit video well, let me know! I'm very open.
Prayer: I believe in the power of prayer. Could you pray right now that God would work through BeliefMap, giving me insights on important topics to cover that would best honor Him and invite His blessings? If you would like to go further, would you consider committing BeliefMap to your daily prayer?

Donating/Fundraising: Financial support helps fund more time spent on adding content. See here for details and why this is a very smart ministry to fund. You could give directly, or perhaps help BeliefMap fundraising by asking people yourself or helping to put me in contact with persons who are looking for a good ministry to paterner with financially. I will have a sit down or Skype conversation with them. (You might be surprised how many donors are looking for a ministry like this!)
Encouragement: Have you been blessed by BeliefMap? I would really love to hear from you. I hear comments on how BeliefMap has helped people, and it puts a bounce in my step and gets me working harder than ever. Please tell me if this resource is meaningful to you; I'd love to hear from you and even connect on Facebook.
Coder: Are you trained in CSS, Javascript, or anything else that might be useful? Let me know! Sometimes I just need something small done and don't know how. Having more friends available who can help is very appreciated.
Researcher: Would you be willing to do some busywork as a researcher? Sometimes I have topics I would like to gather information for, but gathering certain kinds of information is time-consuming more than anything. For example, I may need someone to get gather a series of quotes from ancient sources, and it can take a bit of time to fish all the quotes up from a book published by respectable presses. If you have an interest, please let me know!