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Why donate to ministry?

There are several reasons, but here is one that's important: giving to God's causes is a way to imbue your life and work with meaning, since by it you align yourself with God and His work in the world. Interestingly, there is a science behind God's design here: it's not just that money indicates where your heart is, it's that people who give causally transform their own psychological priorities to align with where their money goes. Moreover, studies say donating rather than spending money inwardly is a proven factor in life contentment, even for people who predicted spending on themselves would make them happier. Consider finding ministries to give to, so that you can feel better connected with your values, make your life about something bigger than yourself, and ultimately align it better with God's purposes. Consider below why this ministry may be one that especially resonates with your goals and values.

Why donate to apologetics ministry?

Apologetics ministry constitutes a particularly powerful giving opportunity.
Reason #1: Eternities are at stake. We all have friends and family whose eternity is on the line right now because they are going to bed thinking over life-changing issues:
“It feels like this stuff about God and Jesus just doesn’t match up with what I learn in school. I wish it did.”

“If there is a God, why is there so much suffering in the world? It makes no sense.”

“My parent's faith seems more and more like a personal religious preference at best, and a delusion at worst.”

Their doubt progressively comes out in their lifestyle, and culminates in a defaced lip-service Christianity or an outright rejection of it. Truly, “the heart cannot rejoice in what the mind rejects.”
What's at stake is every day of our loved one's eternity. That's why many Christians are desperately trying to help themselves or their loved ones know that it is reasonable to believe there is a God who loves them, and that He is worth giving their life to. Is this something they can boldly and rationally believe?
Reason #2: Obeying the Great Commission. Christ actually commanded you to be involved in bringing others to faith. Do you actually right now have a way that you're actively doing that? If not, wouldn't it feel better to be obeying Christ's command? This is a way to be an obedient follower of Jesus and know you're in line with His Great Commission. Again, it feels different to know you are obedient and involved.
Reason #3: All ministries (and the people they help) depend on it. Europe used to be a powerhouse donor to Christian ministry, but now the population is less than 8% Christian. 50% don't even believe God exists. The millions of people today European Christianity would have been helping now won't receive that help. If secular worldviews grow without an answer, your fellow donors to your favorite ministries will disappear over time. You'll be progressively donating alone. Investing in apologetics and Christianity's intellectual reputation is a vital investment in all ministries that you care about. They depend on you.

Why Internet Apologetics?

Whether investigating Christ themselves or helping others, studies from Barna Research and Pew Research show that the internet is the go-to place to find answers about religion in this age. Is there a God? Is Jesus who He claimed to be? Is only Christianity true? What’s the evidence? Internet apologetics is part of a very real solution for people, and arguably the most important part in today's culture.

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Is BeliefMap high quality?
Ratio Christi uses BeliefMap as their official apologetics encyclopedia to help train their almost 200 apologetics campus groups (students and leaders). Biola University apologetics professor J. Warner Wallace has written (tweeted),

“Every Christian needs to use this great resource! BeliefMap.org”

Your value here

We spend no money on advertising. Like any missionary, my wife and I know the names of everyone on our donor team and consider them friends. Moreover, you would get to feel more directly connected with the testimonies like those shared below because you're funding a noticeable percentage of the work done. I am working full time at about 2/3 of our $3,000/mo need, and really trusting in God to provide the rest. So if you want to help it would be a huge answered prayer. The internet is every bit as much of a mission field as another country, and its impact across the world is enormous. So, supporting this ministry is a great way to love people and obey Christ.


Feel free to e-mail me for a sit-down or Skype discussion. I'd love to share with you what God is doing here, our vision, the kinds of people we are helping, and more about our needs and plans. You're important in this, and you have the power to help. Why don't you put your power to use for eternal things? Thanks for considering joining our uniquely effective mission to equip the saints, love people, and promote the cause of Christ.

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[Note: Donations are tax deductible.]

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