Does Acts say Jesus appeared merely as an amorphous dazzling light with no emanating source (non-bodily)?

“Yes, after all…
  • Paul: “the light was of Jesus’ glorified body”

      While Paul likely believed that Jesus' body shone with glory, he almost certainly did not believe that Jesus was composed of amorpheous light.

      • OT often says heavenly figures are beings of light.
      • Phil 3:21 — “I [Paul] want a Jesus-like ‘body of glory.’”
      • Paul associated light with bodily glory (e.g. 1 Cor 15).
      • In Acts, Paul sees the glory of Jesus’ body.

      This is relevant because,it entails he almost certainly did not believe Jesus was composed of amorpheous light during this appearance since all sources are clear that Paul thought he saw Jesus himself.

  • “No, after all…
  • Acts mentions light, but no body

      During the alleged appearance of Jesus to Paul, Acts explicitly refers to dazzling light and yet makes no mention of Jesus’ body.

      • Acts 9:3-4 — “light from heaven flashed around him.”
      • Acts 22:6-8 — “a very bright light.” • Acts 26:13-15 — “ I saw on the way a light.”

      This is relevant because if Acts thought there was a body inside (or sourcing) the light it would’ve said Paul saw it.

      But so what?
      • Readers knew the background and were expected to know that the light was from a source: Jesus Christ risen (all knew that with a sufficiently bright light you can’t make out the contours of the source—especially if you were blinded by it—but that doesn’t mean there is no source).