Mormonism's non-Christian teachings

Moromonism - MormonsMost of us have been visited at our door by the young bicycle-riding Mormons, with their white dress shirt, tie, and “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” name-badge. They are Christian-sounding enough, so why are they under the cult section of every Christian bookstore? What do they teach? You might be surprised.

Regarding GOD, Mormonism teaches…
God is just one of countless similar gods
God started as a mortal on another planet
God earned Godhood (worshipping his god etc.)
God is still spatial, and made of flesh/bone.
God still has his wife/wives (now goddesses)
God sexually procreates with her/them1
[Note: 1-6 apply to all gods in Mormonism.]

Regarding YOU, ME, AND JESUS Mormonism teaches…

We all started as God's and his wife's ethereal children
You, me, Jesus, Satan are thereby siblings (from heaven)
We were obedient, and so were born into human bodies
God had sex with Mary to impregnate her with Jesus's spirit1
Jesus probably had multiple wives1 (which allegedly “isn't” immoral)
Good Mormons turn into Gods too, with their own planet

Regarding SCRIPTURE AND REVELATION, Mormonism teaches…[All Forthcoming]

• The Bible is corrupt. • The Bible's words (for example, “salvation”) does not mean what you think.
• The Presidents of Mormonism are modern-day prophets.
• “The Book of Mormon” etc. are scripture.

  1. Warning: These three doctrines (God's sexually procreating with his wife, his sexual encounter with Mary, and Jesus's having wives on earth) are documented, being taught authoritatively by Mormon presidents-prophets. Nevertheless, they remain controversial among modern Mormons.