Is “Risen” a good evangelism movie for defending Jesus' resurrection?

The secular historical case for Jesus's resurrection is perhaps the most popular argument for the truth of Christianity today in apologetics (=defense of the faith). There are some things you just wouldn't expect prominent atheist debaters to be saying about this case, unless it were surprisingly... Read More

VIDEO: Dillahunty vs. Giunta Debate

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3 Reasons the Church Needs Philosophers

Paul Gould is a philosophy professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He’s also an author of several books and the kind of guy who starts his ministry's website off with “God is on a mission to redeem and restore humanity, indeed, all of creation.... Read More

A Counter-Response to Counter-Apologist

CounterApologist runs a blog where he “counters Christian apologetics with logic, reason, and evidence.” He recently posted "Debate Review: Matt Dillahunty vs. Blake Giunta." This reviews my July 12th debate with Matt Dillahunty, hosted in a bar by the Bible and Beer Consortium. I have to, of course, thank him for this nice... Read More

“3 Reasons for Christians to Engage in Science”

Ed Stetzer is an author, speaker, and writer for Christianity Today Magazine. His latest article is titled “3 reasons for Christians to Engage in Science.” The reasons are as follows. ###Creation Speaks to a Creator As... Read More

Dear Atheist, God punishes you for sin, not lack of belief

In discussing God's judgment, some non-believers look up with puppy dog eyes and ask how a good God could condemn them for simply not being convinced by the evidence. Does that sound like a good God to you? They can't help their unbelief after all, any more than they can help their being tall or short.1 Here's a... Read More

“God is a MAGICAL being (who does magic)”

Some atheists insist that “Theism is ridiculous; God is a magical being, like Santa Claus. In this sense God resembles an invisible pink unicorn, or a flying spaghetti monster, and performs miracles, which are magical”1 This is a staple complaint from New Atheists in particular, and their figureheads.2 When you... Read More

My day with J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace is in Dallas-Fort Worth today. He is a star homicide detective. Lately, he has also doubled as one of the most popular “case-makers” for Christianity. (“Case-maker” is a helpful term he uses in place of “apologist” in his very readable book, Read More